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Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Panel Morley

ZX1Se Single loop control panel
A range of intelligent fire alarm panels designed around proven and reliable microprocessor technology, which has produced a modular, scalable fire alarm platform for protecting all types of premises.
Intuitive to use and easy to install, network, configure, maintain and expand.
• ZX1Se single loop control panel
• 230Vac, 2 sounder circuits, 4 line display and networking capability
• 400 x 400 x 135mm (H x W x D)
• Order loop cards separately
• Languages supplied: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Slovenian and Croatian

Addressable Fire Panel Apollo

• 1-4 Loops
• LPCB approval to EN54 parts 2 and 4
• Full Apollo XP95 and discovery compatibility
• Automatic recognition of Apollo or CEL outstations
• Extensive mode change options by day / night and special group allocation.
• Windows – based, full upload / download PC editor
• 500mA output per loop with highly stable voltage platform, even under mains-failed conditions
• Fully networkable with graphics package, Integra network repeaters, other discovery and voyager panels
• Powerful processing and extensive panel and loop I/O capability
• User – friendly controls and clear, unambiguous screen
• Membrane facia with tactile switches
• Complies with EMC and LVD Directives