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10 Zone And 12 Zone Fire Alarm Panel

10 And 12 Zone Fire Alarm Panel

• Operates on 220V AC,50HZ AC Supply
• Battery Backup with inbuilt Charger
• Fire/fault status in unambiguous colored LED indications
• 16 * 2 line dot matrix LCD (20*4 LCD Optional)
• Expandable up to 60 Zone
• 128 Events logging facility with real time clock and keypad(optional)
• Rs 484 Port (for repeaters Panel) Optional
• Zone wise fire, open, short LED indications
• Zone wise hooter output
• External s/w to test each Zone fire, open, short Status manually
• External s/w for reset Silence Lamp test
• Zone isolation Facility with Zone voltage out off
• Relay for free contacts
• Mains on , system on , Charge on Visual indications
• Buttery Low & Common Fire indications
• Auto dialer attachable facility
• Enough inside space for SMF Battery
• Attachable with all type of fire detectors
• Maximum 25 no’s detectors in each Zone

Panel Operating Voltage Ac 220v50Hz #10%, DC 24v 1 amp
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50° (176)C
Operating Humidity 95% (non-condensing)
Hooter Output 2A (24v DC)
EOL 4K7 ohm, 1 per Zone
Weight 7.8 kg
Dimension H 362mm*W 403mm*D 122mm
Construction 1.8mm CRCA sheet duly powder Coated
Color White
Hooter output current can be increased as per customer requirement.