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Electrical Control System

Distribution Panel

The meter is connected to a distribution panel is also known as breaker panel. Breker are switches that automatically cut off electrical curret when an overload or some other change occur.It prevent circuit form over heating for instance because of wirig problem or a defective appliance. Each breaker is linked by 3 wire to a series of outlet or connection box along a ckt.
Salient Features:
• Easy to operate
• Longer working life
• High performance
• Auto/manual function

Electrical M.C. Panel

The electrical panel is used for the safety of motor. It Works mainly on 440 volt or 230lt. A motor control include auto & manual for starting & stopping
Types of Panel:
• DOL Starter Panel
• Star delta Starter panel
• Single Phase panel
Salient Features:
• Easy to operate
• Longer working life
• High perfomance
• Auto/manual function

L. T. Panel

It stand for low terminal. LT panel is an electrical distribution board that receive power from generator or transformer & Distribute the same to various electronic device & distribution board. Such panel are used in industries both for internal &external use & therefore they are quite rugged to with stand Different climate. It is designed to work with low electricity.
• Longer Working Life
• Maintenance free
• High performance
Technical Specification:
• Operational current- 400 a
• Operational voltage -415 v
• Rated insulation voltage- 690 v
• Bus bar-electrolytic grade aluminium/copper
• Housing – 14 / 16 SWG

AMF Panel

Rit stand for AUTO MAIN FAILURE Panel. AMF Panel that are Installed for automatic changeover form main to stand by Generator at the time of power failure. Its fabricated from Premium quality raw material. AMF Panel are durable. Corrosion, resistance, dust and vermin proof AMF Panel is easy to operate and used in foundries, apartment. AMF Panel & battery charger Are used where the generator are installed between the main and ac load . It will start and stop the generator automatically & changeover the generator lines.
• Provide continious 3 phase supply.
• Automatically shut down during DG fault.
• Fault indication.
• Engineering Units
• Hospitals
• Offices
• Agriculture