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Fire Proof Doors

Fire Rated Wooden Door

Wooden Door Frame made of hard wood /teak wood of section 145mm x 70mm with heat activated intumescent fire seal strip of section 10mm x 4mm and one coat of Fire & anti-termite primer.
55mm thick asbestos free composite Fire / Smoke check wooden shutters of 120 minutes fire resistance rating confirming to BS : 476 Part – 22 & IS : 3614 Part -II comprising of two 12mm thick calcium silicate boards sandwiching 25mm thick Proprietory fire resistance insulation material faced with 3mm commercial ply on both side with heat activated intumecent fire seal strip of size 15mm x 4mm mounted on grooves on three sides except bottom and one coat of anti-termite fire retardent primer.

Fire Rated Steel Doors

46 mm thick steel Check door of 60/120 minutes Fire rating confirming to BS ;476 Part-22 and IS : 3614 Part-II Fabricated with 2 nos 18SWG galvanized steel sheet sandwiching with proprietary fire resistant insulation materials in-between. The door frames are manufactured from 16SWG galvanized steel sheet pressed form to double rebate profile of size 143mm x 57mm. The door frame and door shutter are fitted with SS BALL BEARINGHINGES (100X75X3MM) and are coated with one coat of fire and corrosion resistant primer.

Fire Cum Acoustic Wooden Door

Wooden Door Frame of hard wood/teak wood section 150mm x 95 mm with heat activted in tumesent fire seal strip of size 12mm x 5mm and finished with one coat of anti- termite fire retardnt primer or painy and fitted with acoustic seal on all three sides.
65mm thick acoustic cum fire/ smoke chemok Sheck Shutter of 38 db acoustic cum of 120 minutes rating confrming to BS 476 part -22 & IS : 3614 part-2 comprising of sandwiching 29mm thick fire resistance insulation material between two 12mm thick calcium silicate board faced with 6mm thick commercial/teak ply wit activated in tumescent fire seal strip of size 15mm x 4mm mounted in the grooves of hardwood liping on all three sides except bottom along with.